January 14th
Il Macello – Napoli

My luscious culinary adventure with Diners Club continues.


The destination of my latest tasting trip? The magic of Naples. One of the biggest, most enchanting and art-filled cities of the Mediterranean, where the warmth of the Neapolitans and the colourful intensity of the city’s rhythms fill your eyes and your heart.


Naples: where the visitor is plunged in vivacious tastes, spontaneous traditions, colour, passion and laughter… anything except indifference.


On my visit I rediscovered with joy the authentic Mediterranean cuisine that the whole world admires us for.


In this, Il Macello (a rough translation might be The Butchery) is typical: rich in simplicity and tradition (and the very best cuts of meat), immersed in visual and personal warmth and offering a relaxed energy in its welcome. Set in suggestively traditional surroundings, the restaurant surprises with a combination of modern and contemporary styles, mixing refined chic with a rougher and tougher mood.


The menu proposes a clever selection of dishes based on fresh seasonal ingredients: the first courses are pure Mediterranean diet, and what could be more Neapolitan than the famous maxi-cut ‘paccheri’ pasta dish? To follow, I had to choose from a tempting array of special meats and cuts. I warmly recommend the stir-fry suckling pig, served on a bed of wild berries… a stunning composition of sweet and savoury!


I had actually begun with a meat starter, the renowned pata negra Jamón Ibérico, a meat-eaters peak of pleasure. For those preferring something more delicate, I suggest a superb tartare accompanied by three different sauces.


And of course I was helpless to resist the siren-songs of the desserts: hard to believe I could have made a better choice than the ruffled millefoglie with crème Chantilly and wild strawberries.


But if you really want to go for 100% local tradition, you just have to order the oven-baked ultra-doughnut called Zeppole di San Giuseppe. A sensational explosion of tastes provoking ecstatic palates. And guess what? I couldn’t resist the zeppole either.